I started this blog with such good intentions. I planned to update 2-3 times a week, initially with past trip experiences and planning posts in the run up to my RTW trip, but things have fallen by the wayside lately. So what’s up with the erratic posting and long breaks between posts? Well, I don’t have much of an excuse, except that I’m in the middle of an accounting course which is taking up a lot of my spare time. It’s been MANY years since I’ve taken any type of course and I’ve just finished a big test. First test since 2006!! I was seriously nervous and of course all the questions related to my least favourite aspects of accounting (reversing entries are illogical! Why make more work for yourself??).

Studying Cat
I’m thinking of taking a road trip this summer around New Zealand. Finances will dictate how long the trip will be and I’m not sure yet whether I’ll just focus on the South Island or head to the North Island which I’ve so far seen very little of. I’m looking forward to just jumping in my car and hitting the road again. Last year in the USA I loved spending hours on end (up to 10-11 hours a day!) in my wee rented Fiat 500 with the music blaring, pulling over anytime I saw something interesting. Just me and the road. It was awesome.

If I’m able to do both islands I’ll probably do a loop of the South Island in my own car and then fly up to Wellington or Auckland, hire a car and do another loop, seeing as the ferry fees across Cook Straight are so high ($346 cheapest return).

I’m tossing up between that and taking the time off to do some improvements on my house, which needs a lot of work. Originally I was planning on selling my place when I go RTW so that I have more funds available if I want to travel longer, and I’m not sure what I’ll want do when I get back. But now I’m about 80% sure I’ll hang on to it and rent it out instead. Since house prices are so crazy at the moment and my area is starting to get quite desirable, I would really struggle to buy my way back into the area if I decide to come back to Christchurch one day. If I hang on to it though I’m going to have to be a bit tighter with my travel spending and try to find ways to save more. Or maybe I’ll do a working holiday in the UK or give Aussie a go when the money runs out.

So that’s what’s happening in my world at the moment. Not terribly interesting but it’s finally SPRING! Which means summer is just around the corner. I’ve only got a couple more months left of my course and then I’ll be able to spend a bit more time updating the blog and actually finding interesting topics to talk about. In the meantime, I’m loving reading other travel blogs and finding inspiration for future travel plans.