No posts since May 17th! I posted an overview of my first few days in London and then… nada. If there’s anyone out there still bothered enough to visit, I do apologise. Not quite sure I’m cut out for this blogging business. Or perhaps I should turn it into a more general blog, rather than travel-specific? As someone who isn’t travelling full-time (like most travel bloggers out there), it would make sense.

Here’s an update on where I’ve been. After returning home from my 6-week trip to Europe, I fell back into quite a busy time at work and decided to enrol part-time at university on top. I took a calculus course first (now eagerly awaiting the results of the final exam) and I’m now taking physics. This is in preparation for leaving my job and switching to full-time study next year.

I realised that I wasn’t feeling fulfilled in my day-to-day life, so I’m embarking on a new path of self discovery (cliche I know!). First up is the challenge of university, studying physics, math, astronomy and computer science. I don’t really have an end-game in mind. Rather, I’m just following an interest and I’ll see where it leads.

If it turns out I’m completely enamoured with physics and astronomy, then great! I’ll complete a bachelor’s degree and move my way through postgrad study. If not, I’ll leave knowing I gave it my best shot and decided it wasn’t for me.

The second adventure on my to-do list is to move to Australia. I’ve always wanted to live overseas, and now that almost all of my closest friends have moved to Australia, it’s kind of a no-brainer. My cat sadly passed away suddenly a couple of months ago, so I don’t have a lot of responsibilities tying me here anymore.

Then next up is of course long-term, open-ended, round-the-world travel – particularly to Asia and Central/South America where I haven’t been before. The reason why this is last on the list is because it’s the most expensive, the biggest leap and it just makes sense to try the other things first.

In the short-term, I have a trip to Brisbane planned over New Year’s to visit friends. I’m really excited to travel again, even if it is just a quick pop over the pond!