Thanks a ton for reading this page. Before I talk about becoming a minimalist and benefits of it. First let me tell you what minimalist is exactly.

The word “minimalism” goes back to 1950 a movement in sculpture and painting which arose characterized by the use of simple, massive forms. Similarly, in modern world that is present time we minimize our longings to have a better and happy life.

To better understand about minimalism read this post by Joshua & Ryan from theminimalist.comĀ  on Minimalism.

We also see people abusing this word many often in social media.

Why to become a minimalist?

Becoming minimalist is not fancy as it may look like in Instagram post. It is hard at first and when you get accustomed to it you live a happy life.

Minimalism has many benefits like, how many times we buy some useless plastic things and throw everywhere. If you can cut some of your plastic materials you will leave less carbon footprints. So, Minimalism is Environment Friendly.

By reducing your spent on unnecessary things you, you save a lot. So, Minimalism is Pocket Friendly.

How to become a minimalist?

To become is a minimalist is simple as the words signifies. Just have things that you are going to use. If you have two laptops one of which you are not going to use it, you just either sell it or donate it. You will have more space and money. This applies not only just to your laptop, car, sofa; this can be applied to anything that is just sitting ideally in your home for years.