Haunted places to avoid visiting during night time

Stories of haunted places are in many countries. Some of these places are now restricted for tourists to visit. There always lies local stories attached to the haunted places. When I happen to encounter such places during my travel, I always respect the local cultures and laws.

I have never seen a ghost in real life even in my life, but always eager to explore new things. A haunted place is generally dark, broken, house, fort, apartments. We also find cases of past unnatural death stories stick to it. It’s good to get new information about a place and it creates a rise in adrenaline in your body.

I have tried to compile a few haunted places to avoid during night time. Some of them are still a tourist attraction. You will surely enjoy it.

Bhangarh Fort in India

Bhangarh fort

Bhangarh a ghost village situated in Rajasthan, a state of India. This place is known to be haunted among the locals and locals have claimed that they saw ghosts many a time. It is totally restricted to wander nearby Bhangarh fort after the sunsets. The place is known for its historical ruins and Hindu temples. Bhangarh fort was built by Bhagwant Das for his younger son Madho Singh. There are many folklores which tells about the dark story behind this haunted place. Even the archaeological survey of India has banned visits entering the fort after sunsets.


Château Miranda, Belgium

Château Miranda, Belgium

Château Miranda also known as Château de Noisy is a 9th-century neo-Gothic castle in Celles, province of Namur, Belgium. This enormous building needs huge cash to rebuild it. It has been used for many purposes after world war 2. It was transformed into an orphanage and also a holiday camp for sickly children. Many say during this period many children died in the castle whose spirit still roams during the night.


Zvíkov Castle

Zvíkov Castle

This castle is located at the junction of the Vltava and Otava rivers in the South Bohemian Region of the Czech Republic. Many emperors tried to knock down the castle, but they could not do so. Zvíkov Castle is built to absorb high artillery loads from enemies. The presence of the ghost in the castle is known among locals as nights sets in. Probably, the members of the royal family still hover around the castle.



If you are planning to visit any of the places mentioned here. Do read more about local authority restrictions before visiting any restricted property. There is no doubt about the beauty of these castles, fort, ruins. Royal families once stayed in these beautiful monuments and now they are abandoned and destroyed. It gives me pleasure to explore such monuments where I can learn something about the past.

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