Isaan Sausage in Thailand

Isaan sausage is one of my favorite snacks to eat in Bangkok. It is cheap and tasty that one can not resist. Whenever I fly to Thailand, whether in Bangkok or Chiang Mai, I always try to have some isaan sausage. The name isaan sausage has come from the region of Isaan which is a northern part of Thailand.

What is Issan sausage? 

Isaan sausage is also known as Sai krok Isan, sausage made from pork and rice and typically garnished with chili, sauce, vegetables and ginger.

How isaan sausage is prepared

Preparation is of Isaan sausages take lot of time. First of all, you need to have fresh pork belly meat and then you have to grind it. Put them in the collagen casings and tie them with strings. Buying a seasoning packet/kit can make things easy. That kit contains all you need for making Isaan sausage from collagen casings to seasoning salt.


1.Fresh pork belly meat(best for making isaan sausage).

2.Collagen casings.

3.Rice(You may need to grind them too if you don’t have the sausage seasoning kit)

4. Strings to tie the stuffed casings.

5.Seasoning ingredients

6. You can add vegetables to eat with the sausages.

Step 1: Grind the pork belly meat in a mixer grinder. You can also grind the meat manually using a pestle but this take time and energy. Mix all the packet’s ingredients that come in the seasoning kit with the ground meat.

Step 2: Stuff the collegen casings with the ground meats and tie using the strings.

Step 3: Now refrigerate them for about an hour. After that take out to grill them on charcoal. You can use electric grills to roast the sausage. But, I prefer charcoal as gives a different flavor.

Step 4: When it turns red, golden color, take them out.

Step 5: Let them cool for two to three minutes. Cut into pieces in the shape you wish.

Step: Season with garlic, ginger, vegetables.

That’s it! now you can enjoy this tasty sausage. What makes it different from other sausages is that here rice and other ingredients are used to enhance the taste.

Where to find best Isaan sausage in Thailand

Isaan sausage is very popular in Thailand. You can find them any street food stall and restaurant. People of Thailand prefer meat more than vegetables. My vegetarian friends always find it hard to get veg dishes in Thailand. Most people when traveling for the first time to Thailand they choose Bangkok as the first destination. In Bangkok, there is a lot to explore and eat. I never miss the night time wandering in the streets, I try to taste local street foods which are tasty as well as fun to explore.

isaan sausage in Bangkok

Picture Credit: bangkok.charlie

Isaan sausage in Bangkok

Bangkok is the capital city of Thailand. Here people come from the villages for work. They also want affordable as well as flavorful foods to fill their bellies. Isaan sausages one of the popular snacks among the city people. Nightlife in Bangkok is something that you should not miss. Go for hunting local street foods you see roadside stalls grilling these sausages.


Isaan sausage in Chiang Mai

Ching Mai is popular among travelers. Instagram influencers who take pictures with historical places, Chiang mai is paradise for them. Ching Mai is an old city and has its own history. Tourists generally travel here to visit temples found here. This city is also best for exploring local cuisines. In this northern province, Isaan sausage is being prepared for ages.


Isaan sausage in other cities of Thailand

Though I do not have an idea of how isaan sausage is sold in other parts of Thailand other than Bangkok and Ching Mai. But, I know this is popular in all over Thailand, especially in Northern Thailand. You will find street stalls either hanging sausages and grilling them in a big charcoal stove. You will come to know just by the smell of the fresh sausage grilling.


My Thoughts

Every time I travel to Thailand. It attacts me to taste new dishes. People here love meats and they have litterly every dishes with eat in them. I love Thailand for cultures and friendly people. And I would love to explore more of its local authentic cuisines.

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