Best Multi Day Hikes in Africa

Hiking is something that I love to do have the taste of real adventure. There were also times when I had to quit my hiking plans due to extreme weather and health issues. But, I always ready to challenge myself. From my childhood, I am always attached to nature and love spending time with nature. My friends ask me why do I hurt my body my choosing extreme hiking trails. I just say them I love the adventure and this gives me pleasure in the long term than harm for a few days.

Hiking a mountain, deserts, rain forests can be challenging. It takes a lot of energy and time for preparations. Whenever I plan a hiking trail I always look for challenges like (weather condition, terrain, accessibility) times it will take to complete. Sometimes I cancel my thought of a hike due to heavy risk involved in it. Before going for a hike it is important to research the place so that you can be ready for any challenges. You can take the help of books, blogs, youtube videos for more information about the place. Joining a hiking group is what I recommend. Solo hiking for multiple days is hard and involves a lot of risks.

 What is a Multi-Day Hike?

A hike can be a single day or multiple days. In a multi-day hike, you will generally rest in multiple stoppages which can be campsite before reaching the destination. It is tiring than a single-day hike. In a single day hike, you climb up for a few hours and then come down and then you can take rest in the hotel or wherever you stay. But, in a multiday hike, you will get exhausted day after day till you complete it, literally no rest in between.

Africa has some of the most challenging hikes in the world. Africa as a continent is very big and has diverse terrains. Mountains, deserts, volcanos make Africa one of the challenging palaces for hikers. In this post, I will talk about some of the challenging multiday hikes you can go for in Africa.

The Rim of Africa

ynbos flora found in the rim of africa

fynbos flora in the rim of Africa | Picture credit: Robin Denton

I can not think of a more strenuous hiking trail than this one. The Rim of Africa is a hiking trail of 54 days through rough rocks, thick vegetations, scorching hot and freezing wind. This hike is not for beginners, the only expert hikers should take the multiday hiking challenge. The full hike is divided into sections to make easy for hikers. Terrains will find in the whole trail are Mountainous, some steep gradients, gradual slopes mainly on and some off-path hiking and some technical. What can be found on the way are caves, rock pools, secret valleys, towering peaks, Hex River Valley, fynbos flora, Afromontane forests, leopard tracks and game spotting, rich biodiversity and incredible views. Though this hike can be challenging, you will remember the days for a lifetime. You should definitely buy travel insurance before going for The Rim of Africa trail.

Drakensberg Grand Traverse

Photo Credit: David Larsen

Drakensberg Grand Traverse is also one of the toughest multi-day hikes. Located in South Africa this hike offers different terrains from rocky, uneven place to dense vegetation and foggy mountains. You will also encounter rivers and flower valleys along the way. The approximate length of the hike is 250Km which can take a month if you take too many stops. You may also get a chance to meet with local shepherds who pass with loads on donkey backs. Though the hiking may be strenuous you will love the breathtaking views of the mountains and green vegetation.


Mount Kenya



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